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We are an ever-growing women's empowerment community focused on connection and support. Our mission is to create a safe space online for women to connect, share and empower each other. You are not alone - we are all in this together! #RealTalk

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Your Weekly Mental Health Upkeep

Your weekly mental health upkeep with like-minded women.

A curated safe space for women to gather in a community on a week to week basis for deeper self reflection, discovering personal breakthroughs and developing intimate friendships. 


Group Workshops

Interactive workshops for your business, school, community or organization.

Bringing a breath of fresh air to your team by cultivating gratitude, mindfulness and self-confidence in each individual to create a stronger culture. All of the workshops include a guided meditation, reflective journal prompts and a safe space to share.


1 on 1 Coaching

Your fast track to your most confident and mindful self.

1 on 1 time with one of our Co-Founders to work on the specific areas in your life that you'd like to strengthen. This investment in yourself is the start to becoming the you you've always wanted to be.

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Connection & Community Through Covid

During the uncertain time of the pandemic, Marny noticed a lack of connection and community. Marny wanted to help in the best way she could, so she created a welcoming safe space for important conversations and new friends; now well known as Real Talk. Kaye joined the first ever monthly session and she saw the great potential Real Talk had. She wanted to help in any way that she could, so she reached out to Marny, not knowing how fulfilling of a journey this would be. This partnership bloomed and is strengthening everyday - the incredible feedback and life changing comments are what fuel this passionate duo to continue growing Real Talk!

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Marny and Kaye are amazing.

I truly have enjoyed every moment that I have been part of this group. They always make you feel so welcomed and always bring new ideas and activities to the table for our group. I truly have realized that there are so many people who go through the same thing as many others and I liked how this group let us share our stories and feelings with each other. Can’t wait to continue being part of Real Talk and all growing as friends.

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